About Us

We are DUVERA, a fashion apparels and accessories brand that gives you manufactured in india products with our special care and love. Duvera is a brand where you do not have to spend hefty amount to give you a fashionable pair of quality products unlike the other brands.

Duvera is Czech word, It means trust. We have created this brand to give trust on the quality and standard of our manufatured in india products.

Duvera also focuses on creating employment that is why we have started this segment where you do not have to take franchise by paying a hefty amount or induldging in some kind of agreement, anyone who wants to start a small shop, ecommerce business etc., we are here to help them. Anyone can visit our website duveraexpress.com and can order in bulk.When we say in bulk that does not means you have to order a minimum of 1000 quantity or so, you can order a minimum quantity of 10 and start your business. We have various bank’s emi options as well as no cost emi options where anyone can order for a specific amount and convert it into the specific number of months offered by bank.